Zone out

Every holidays we rush and rush or visited friends and family! It’s nice to just sit back relax do nothing! No tour! No rush! No worries! Wake up whenever we want! Sit and be bored! It’s our 2nd day here and we refuse to do things tourist do in Bali. So we are just going to laze by the pool with our trusty iPod and be a bum! And heck we haven’t kicked the habit of going online! Menu for the afternoon is more cheap massages! 2 hours for Sgd20 cheap no? And explore the small quaint streets and shops


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Bali hello

Yes we are on about the 3rd wedding in 2 weeks! Last night was a blast! It wasn’t a big night for us at the wedding as we had to catch the plane enroute Bali. Here I am enjoying the warm breeze, pool villa, wifi and the iPod and of course the company of the hubs! It’s been a whole since we’ve spent quality time together. Life in Singapore is somewhat hectic and we never found time for ourselves! We plan to do nothing, no touristy stuff but to indulge in good good food and massages! Just had a dip in the pool and here I’m
Enjoying the sound of the jazzy music on the iPod and the warm sun and my trusty mag! Life is bliss


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Oh my

It’s the time of the year again where I abuse my rights as a pilot wife! During our first year of marriage I visited Frankfurt and of course our pilgrimage trip to Perth! And then there was our belated honeymoon a year after our wedding to Italy where we covered Venice, Florence, Pisa, Cinque Terre, Milan – all in a week! We stayed at quaint bed & breakfast and backpacked our whole way! And then there was last year, I had weddings to attend back in Adelaide! I made a quick trip back to Melbourne and followed hubs on his work trip to Paris! This year we initially wanted to head to London to explore the outskirts but decided to heck the idea just then! Airport tax was over Sgd 400 although tickets were free! Cheap but not worth it! We settled on Amsterdam instead. We will start our journey in Amsterdam and train through to Brussels and last pit stop to Paris again! Last trip to Paris I did Versailles and had no time to visit the Moulin Rouge which I will do this trip. I am a big kid so I’ll make a trip to Disney Paris too! I can’t wait and we need to start our planning soon! Perhaps I can slot in another London or Sydney or Paris trip on the 2nd half of the year and also a trip back to Australia! Life is good


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3 weddings

Yes it’s the time of the year again! 3 weddings in 2 weeks in a row! We wish them blessed journey ahead! Did I mention one is a destination wedding in Bali? Can’t wait! Villa is rented and I can’t wait for massages good food and to just laze! Here is a pic from the weekend


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If only

If only life can be carefree!


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Hate waiting

I freakin hate waiting! It is my biggest pet peeve. The hubs has gotten worse by the day being late almost at very appointment! Fck!

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Grrrr ouch!

Yesterday I slipped and fall! I was running towards the balcony with a wet washed bag and being lazy i did not use a pail to contain the water. I slipped on the slippery floor and knock the back of my skull on the side of the edge of the table ! Crap! It’s all bruise now. 2 weekends ago we hosted Tasha’s hens party! We started with a Mani pedi session and a nice buffet dinner at marina bay sands! Us girls did have heaps of fun catching up. The wedding is in 3 weeks in Bali! Can’t wait! Here’s a few pic of all the hot and young and beautiful doctors!



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