Old boy

2 years ago he came into our life! Thanks to his mommy of course. He was the unwanted child nobody wanted! He had freckles on his nose and was pretty ugly! As a baby nobody took notice of him and poor baby had not many baby photos! He is turning 2 this year and we love him to bits! 4 days to go and 2 years ago I remember our helper called us telling us the emergency news. He was the firstborn and the ugliest of the lot! Happy 2nd bark day baby Ralphie! it seems like the older u get the dumber but adorable u become! The most loyal dog we ever have despite u being dumb! You used to know how to pee on the tray but heck for the last few weeks you have refused to! You give us a yawn and a smirk when we discipline you like as if you know that you did wrong but insist to still keep peeing everywhere! We smack your head but you continue to smile and yawn! To my beautiful doggy happy 2nd bark day! You brought joy to our lives and never ending stress! I hope you get wiser by the day and not dumber cos I can’t be picking up after you while you smirk looking at us cleaning your pee and shit!!



About lovechriszie

when i speak, it goes 2 ways - love me or hate me
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