all about Waffle the puppymill Beagle..

whoa, apparently out of 75 breeding doggies, our Waffle is the only one whos actually pregnant. the best part, shes the one who has the nicest coat of fur and is one of the happiest dog!

the hubs and i made a trip to the mill again, so the volunteers could see her. we walked the other doggies and played with them. what a good way to start the weekend.

the vet result wasnt that great. shes still not healthy enough to undergo ops, so we’ve made the executive decision to let her have her babies – so here come mini waffles, pancakes, brian, mapple, cupcakes.. we suspect the babies should be arriving sometime next month..yikes, meaning we gotta clean the storeroom and make her a room for her to give birth!

her daddy was missing for week, went to the USA and bought her some bakkua. crap, now i dont get pressies anymore! went to HK and bought her some drinking bottle.. crap, such a lucky princess..

here’s how she looked when her daddy showed her her treats, doggy bak kua…what a greedy doggiee…


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