we’ve settled in the new place for almost 1 month

everything is A OK and then, we decided to adopt a baby, fur baby to join us in our new place. you see, ive been wanting a fur baby for a while. been browsing through alot of  websites for dogs for adoption, and then i saw an ad pleaded for volunteers and adoptors. we proceeded to rescue Waffles our lil baby girl from the puppy mill.

Please visit their website http://dogmilllrehomers.blogspot.com/ for more information on how you can help.

Waffles is awesome! She pees like a waterfall, because she has mini waffles in her. Since its a puppy mill, the breeder left alot of these doggies pregnant and Waffles was one of them. Shes amazing, sometimes paper train depending on whether she can hold her pee in, since she’s pregnant. She only poo when we take her out for walkies in the evening. She doesnt destroy the house, and only bites her favourite bone/toys. She love treats and is very gentle.

Look at her gentle eyes? Taken by a volunteer at the puppy mill..

Life is awesome!


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2 Responses to Waffles…

  1. Ange says:

    Congrats big sis on becoming a mummy to Waffles!! So adorable! When I saw the title of your post I thought you had been cooking waffles but I know you better 🙂


  2. lovechriszie says:

    haha yes ange, chrissie and kitchen doesnt go together

    tats y i get ur sis to bake for me!!!!

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