ode to my best caucasian friend.. heeehee.. (internal joke)

so the story goes,

i used to work in the University back in Adelaide, in the HR department. as usual, HR has heaps of girls, the Richie the token boy proposed to his wife now, early in 2008 even before i left Adelaide. his wedding was held early this year. i couldt attend as of course, i was broke because of my own wedding. everyone was expecting me to be there. and then another girl J, the girl i use to work closely with gotten engage sometime early last year too – hence all the young ones in the HR department eventually will tie the knot sometime this year…

and so us girls, the 3 of us became good friends. S, B and C (me). darren proposed to me in Dec 2008, and then sometime in Jan/Feb Scott proposed to B and then sometime in Feb/March S gotten proposed. i tell yah, its the time of the year for proposal, but heck its a bad bad timing as i cant attend their wedding due to expenses. initially, i thought finances would recover for me to attend B wedding today, but heck, then darren and i commit ourselves to our current house morgage.  hence, i was not able to witness it. B couldnt make it to mine due to finances as well, pretty sad but hey its OK. i promise to visit them sometime end of this year once finances is pretty stable. we stil have our furnitures to pay off and bits and pieces of the house to settle before we can save as per usual again and begin to enjoy life. sigh, as my goodfriend says im a big girl now..crap..

and so, since its B’s big day today, i sent her some love last night and best wishes for her wedding today…

to my best caucasian friend, my God bless you in your journey of life together with scottiee and hey welcome to the married world. im going to send my kids there so they can experience some aussie life style and of course your kids are most welcome to be asianised by me! heheee.. have a good one sweetie.. missing u girls greatly

miss B and I during one of the work drinks event back in 2008

the 3 of us, B C and S – Biancamaria (Mrs Megson), Christine (Mrs Lim) and Sasha (soon to be Mrs Macgillivray) taken in 2007 – work christmas event that we organised..


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2 Responses to ode to my best caucasian friend.. heeehee.. (internal joke)

  1. ange says:

    C she’s gonna love this when she sees it! we all missed you but we’ll see u later this year! You’ll have to bring your wedding album.

  2. C!!!!!!!!! You made me cry!!!!!! I miss you too babe and would have loved to have been at your wedding and of course would have loved you to have been at mine. When you do come visit B’s hotel we should eat lots of wedding cake and wear our dresses. My flowers are still beautiful and we can’t wait to drink our wine. I don’t deserve such a wonderful asian best friend like you. Lots of love, love, love Mrs Lim.xxx
    Mrs Megson

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