some other tiny projects – bottle lable

i’ve always wanted bottle lables for the wedding – since we’re having tuak/rice wine served, i’ve asked the Wedding Planner to arrange for a designer to design me my own lable.

the initial design was hideous and ugly


i mean, any tom dick and harry can come up with something like that. after various correspondence, she decided to put me in touch with the designer himself. its not that im choosy nor fussy, its just that im picky and know what i want.

these are the few designs after:

my favourites so far;



which would you prefer? the dates are just the minor differences.

what about these:

What about these PINK design?



Ohh Haaa is the equivalent of Cheers and also Yum Seng!

Ive decided to ommit it as there’s too many wordings on the design.

I heart my design. You gotta say its pretty in pink =)


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7 Responses to some other tiny projects – bottle lable

  1. Justina says:

    I like the 3rd one….the wording’s arrangement is very nice. Maybe can make either the branches or birds another colour like black or smth for some contrast…a bit too much pink in it currently.

    Looking good there….is your theme colour gonna be pink for that night?

  2. Babyduck says:

    No 1!!!
    what’s wif the “ohhh laaa” thingy?
    yah yah dun add it in

  3. Babyduck says:

    No1 for the pic
    No 3 for the word arrangement πŸ˜€

  4. lovechriszie says:

    heheh thanks for the feedback girlsss

    OHH HAA means YUUMMMM SEENNG in Iban

    theme is still pink hhahaha dont know how the deco gonna be like..
    ill surprise u guys haha

  5. princesspanda says:

    Definitely no. 1 for the picture. Classy & whimsical. No. 3 for the Wording because it makes the words pop. No Oooo Haaa! PLEASE. Your names make it more personalised.

  6. Bel says:

    I like no 1 for wordings and design, like a professional wine label.
    I like the ooh ha, πŸ™‚ but i think it would depend if your wedding was going to be quirky with a touch of exotic or classical. I think you’re a classical kinda gal πŸ™‚

  7. blurblurgal says:

    yeah ~ the 1st design was crap ! hahaha…. look like it just came from some wine bottle.. >_<

    i think the design with birds in black is nicer.. as the whole thing will not look too pink overload.. πŸ˜›

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