oh well..

well well, i wish i can educate you readers on Iban culture – mwahah but unfortunately i personally do not know much – wait till i’ve gone through the iban traditional marriage then ill be able to advise.  in the mean time, our lovely photographer have just released another picture of our pre wedding photos..


ill be going to KL and bunking in with my lovely bridesmaid early December for my final fitting. cant wait! will be catching up with our ex housemate from perth whom had gotten engaged earlier then any of us and will only have her wedding ceremony next year! yeaye.. havent seen el for ages. thank God everyone’s moved closer to home instead of still living in Aussie land. then again, i do miss the people and of course the working environment back in Aus. perhaps ill work on a 6 months contractual basis and hop around town. hmm..good idea – that way, i get to keep my PR and also travel around..

we’ll also be meeting Prema and her team to watch our video tomorrow. Im glad that i have such good friends to help me on my big day. apparently they have to do heaps of editing because of errrrrmm words and phrases that came out of my mouth that cant be shown to the public – i say: we just dub it with nice music – no conversation needed! Prema is also assisting us in preparing the slide show of our childhood pictures..such a good friend!

yikes, i realise i have heaps to do, but that doesnt help when you have tons of things to do ie. attending Sashi and Sylvia’s wedding, applying for PR, looking for a shoebox to live in, brother in law stop over, sister stop over, friends from aussie whom will be joining us stop over, more wedding stuff .. more more wedding stuff.. family stuff – visiting the sick grandparents.. birthdays, christmas! ohh.. cant wait for this year to be over!

in the mean time, its house viewing. i cant believe how some people can live in a mess and also, yikes, we’ll be owing banks and will be so freakin broke soon.


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3 Responses to oh well..

  1. Justina says:

    Ooo i love this pic too! Where was it taken? Saw some taken at a kinda rustic building from his website…which I tink is the courthouse or smth. Nice niceee :))

    Grr Terence dun wanna put our childhood photos in….but i’m trying to convince him to at least put our dating photos. Whee…getting nearer and nearer for you!

  2. Babyduck says:

    OHH babee!!! lovelyy loveelyyy!!!
    show us more of the photos!!!!
    LOL did u swear during ur ceremony? HAHAHAHA

  3. lovechriszie says:

    jus this photo taken at the old post office.. hahaha

    syl, ohhhhhhhh u see next time k

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