tricks on buying an Iban wife..

i know i have been slacking – it doesnt help when all the wedding falls of different dates and month – you tend to only concentrate on the first and neglect the last 2 – i havent been concentrating much on my reception both in Kuching and in Kluang – its 5 weeks to go and sigh, things are i think on its way.

oh, i will also purchase the wedding favours soon – ive seen the dove and it is so beautiful! will have them courier it to Kuching. ive got to remind the hubs to purchase choccies/sweets for the wedding in Kluang too. we’ve been running around heaps like chicken, driving from Kl to Sg to Kluang to Ipoh. as we speak, we’re heading off to KL tomorrow for my last wedding fitting and also head back to Ipoh to visit the oldies. on top of them, we’ve been viewing houses – i meant viewing condos. condos here are so freakin expensive. who the hell spends 800k – 1 million for a tiny hole? sigh

and so a few weeks ago, we went back home – the hubs bought his iban wife officially – heehee, the chinese needs to give dowry – the indians needs to give dowry – in our tradition, uncle had set the rules – the parents refuse to accept any dowry because in case, if shyt happens at least they did not sell their daugther to another family and cant come home. the conclusion; buy them the piring for the parents.

and off we went hunting for a nice piring that dad loves. sigh im only worth RM450 after all!




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5 Responses to tricks on buying an Iban wife..

  1. babyduck says:

    so where did u guys get the piring?
    sigh sigh i still not yet decideee on the favors

  2. babyduck says:

    is it the paper and salt dovee?!!?
    or the letter opener dove??!?!

  3. princesspanda says:

    I love doves!! *yay* You kena bought with a piring??

    That’s cool. You should post more about the Iban culture here, makes interesting reading.

  4. Justina says:

    Woww…very interesting! What does the piring symbolise?

  5. chrissie says:

    we went to the main bazzaar to look for the piring. had to find it in those weird antique shops hehehe..

    wont tell u which dove,..come to the wedding n u shall c HAHAHAHA cehh

    jo, ill do my research now..i dont even know wats the tradition. will do a traditional Iban wedding maybe next year or the year after hahahaha

    jus, i dont know what it symbolise HEHEHE unfortunately

    c la half half so in the end donno anythin

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