ROM Checklist..


ok, its not really that bad. its 6 more weeks till the solemnisation ceremony. i need to reflect back on things i would need to do before i officially taken off the shelves. darn..

  • Photographer – i need to meet up with Prema to discuss the itinerary for the day.
  • Florist – i will meet with Irene to pay her a deposit for her services in 2 weeks. i’ve requested for a bridal bouquet with peonies as a centre piece, 2 flowergirls tiara and of course i needed to get those ring nest. i decided to go with Flutes‘s decor for the ROM table and also for the lunch table decor. Ruth forwarded me some nice photos hence, with that, i can save more money with the decor.


  • Flutes – we would need to meet up with Ruth one last time sometime next month to discuss the final details including confirming the numbers, menus, flowers, music, decors and so much more
  • Solemniser – we would need to meet up with our solemniser end of the month to speak to her, give our paperwork and discuss about the procedure
  • Cake – since trying out Shan’s absolute chocolate cake, i’ve been dreaming about it. salavating and and..yikes, i can’t wait. she’s confirmed the details of the cake and will deliver by 10.30am
  • Viv  is awesome!, she actually delivered the invitation cards and wedding place cards last week. i’ve posted the cards to my cousin and sisters whom are overseas. i’ve delivered mom and dad’s card during the photoshoot. we would need to deliver the invites to both the fiance’s sisters and also his parents. she’s also in the process of finishing up the favors – i still need to give her a copy of our photo to print for the favors. i am awaiting for Edwin to provide me with some edited photos for her.
  • Confirmed with Jess, the make up artist i found online. i have yet to meet her but yikes, who can complain if she’s charging way below market price. i just need to tell her where i am at the day of the wedding.
  • I need to book accommodation for the parents
  • Kiddy packs are sort of ready – i just need to bind the self made colouring book and buy the front cover and lollies – things i inserted: 2 wedding teddies, colour pencils, stickers, aeroplanes (for boys), jewelry boxes (for girls), champagne bubbles, colouring book, and lastly lollies – with that, i hope they can entertain themselves

i can’t seem to think whatelse i might have forgotten. oh well, hopefully the fiance reminds me.


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