Bits and Pieces of Snap Snap..

since i hardly blog from home now, i mean i dont blog from work – i think ill overload on todays posting

i will not post up unedited photos until the photographer has done his magic on it. ive seen the unedited version and i am satisfied. the fiance comes home in the morning so we’ll look through and decide which photo we would want him to do his magic on – get rid of double chin, get rid of pimples, make my face look slimmer, make my arm look smaller – heck, change everything!

maybe modelling is not my forte after all – ive been showing my flaws – my blaardy double chin – i guess the best person who knows my angle is the fiance. he better knows since he invested alot in the d90 and and if he doesnt take beautiful photos of me, the d90 will be thrown out the window! heehee…

just like the weighing scales – if it doesnt do its magic or tell me the truth, it’ll be on the neighbour’s roof by tomorrow.

oh, the best part is, the kiddy pack is DONE! i’m too lazy to take photos of the cover for the colouring book. ill do so in due course.

i personally did not snap much during my trip home.


the bouquet and the engagement ring with my pretty nails


 the 2 bouquets of roses dad got me which i decor mom’s living room at the end of the photoshoot

i love the shade of pink

since im having another photoshoot in another 3 weeks, perhaps i should request for a different kind of flowers.

ive got 3 weeks to think about it..

i think i should not upload a photo of myself loooking like a butterfly

fake lashes makes me look like one!


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2 Responses to Bits and Pieces of Snap Snap..

  1. Babyduck says:

    oh my very very nice oh the bouquet
    ur mum got good taste
    now i just have to worry about mine
    since my mum in charge
    and she like to surprise me 😛

  2. chrissie says:

    hahaahha sure its nicelah dont woryr
    their taste getting better

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